Awesome DIY To Present The Best Unique Gift

Choosing presents can be quite a hassle sometimes. Also it requires a good amount of time. One will need to go to the gift shop to pick up the right gift and then wrap it up to present. If you want to use your creativity to make a simple yet awesome DIY to present the best unique gift, then you should definitely take a look at an awesome DIY of engraving on slate to make the best unique gift. This type of gifts can also be used as anniversary gift sets. This article will take a look at awesome DIY to present the best unique gift: engraved slate.

What supplies do you require to engrave slate?

Since it is a DIY project, you will need to get some necessary supplies in order to make the engraved slate gift. Some supplies you can find in your home and if you don’t, then you can definitely get it at the nearest stationary shop. Some of the supplies that you definitely need to collect are:

· A slate

· Wax pencil

· Engraver

· Safety goggles

· Dust mask

Starting To Engrave The Slate:

First of all, you will need to clean the slate surface and free it from any dust and dirt. Set up a table where you would like to do the engraving work. Then you can also cover the surface of the work table with newspapers, however, it is better if you have got a functional work table. If not, no problem! You can follow the first step to prepare a work table.

Then you will need to draw the preferred design, as per your wish. You can also download various types of designs from the internet and then you will need to carefully draw the preferred design on the clean state with a wax pencil. Make sure that there is not obscurity with the design and you have drawn it properly.

Then for the next step, you will need to prepare the engraver, with which you are going to engrave on the slate. Place the correct tip into the engraver to start the engraving process on the slate. There are various shapes of tips available, ranging from cone shape to ball discs. With these various shapes, you can create any shape and size of engraving on the slate. If you haven’t use an engraving tool previously, you can practice on extra slate to get the design right. However, before starting the work with the slate with the engraver, make sure you use hand gloves and also protective glasses as well along with the dust mask. This is because, when you are engraving the slate with the engraver, the engraver will create dust and fine slate particles due to the slate being engraved, and this is why you will need to protect your eyes and wear a dust mask so that you don’t inhale the fine dust and slate particles.

 First of all, you will need to carve out the outlines on the slate. Then you will need to start with the shading process. Take breaks in between so that you don’t get tired and make a great design on the slate.

 Then you will need to carefully clean the slate to remove the dust and slate particles and then dry it.